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How to Create a Blog Post for Your Wix Site!

Blogs are a great way to share content, create value, drive traffic to your website and boost your sites SEO.

This post will give you step by step instructions on how to create, properly format and publish a blog to your new site.

Make sure you update this description!

Step #1 - Duplicate This Blog

Click the ellipses in the top right to duplicate this post so that you can keep a copy of these instructions!

Step #2 - Write Your Blog and Format the Text

You can use the bar at the top to format the font type and colours.

You can also add images or buttons using the "add +" button at the top of the bar on the left side of your screen.

Step #3 - Format The Settings

Don't Skip this step!!

Click "Settings" in the bar at the left of your screen

Update the featured image to fit with your blog post

Add yourself as a New Writer

Click "Advanced" and update the Excerpt

Step #4 - Format The SEO Settings


The Assistant can help guide you but I would recommend following these steps for ease!

Click "SEO" in the bar at the left of your screen

Select "Basics"

Ensure the URL slug is appropriate. If not, update it to fit with your blog.

Add a Meta Description (that ideally includes some keywords)

Select "Social Share" at the top

Update the Image if needed (this is what will show when you or others share a link to your blog post on social media so make sure it fits with your blog!)

Step #5 - Add Alt Descriptions to All Images in Your Post

Click on the image, select "Settings" and then update the alt text for the image. Search engines, such as Google, cannot see images, but they can interpret text so include a description of the image to help with your SEO.

Step #6: Delete these instructions and hit "Publish"!

Woohoo! You did it!

Once you have hit publish, your post will be live on your site and you will be given options for sharing on social media or in an email newsletter!

Extra Tips!

Once you have created a few posts, you can add tags and categories to help guide users to similar content on your blog. This is completely optional and not necessary when you are just getting started!

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