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I love helping athletes who are feeling discouraged and broken to develop confidence in their bodies so they can excel at the sports and activities that they love.

I am the face behind CSR and High Drive Fitness. I am a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, military spouse, runner, gym rat, and crazy dog mom (consider this your warning of the unfiltered use of dog pics throughout my website).

Jaimie Cunningham has changed the way I feel about fitness in so many ways. -

- Karen Holik

Signing up with Jaimie has been one of the best decisions I have made.

- Beth Blankenship

I can not recommend Jaimie or High Drive Fitness enough!

- Linda Shelton

Jaimie was with me every step of the way and was always accessible.

- LeAnn Miller

She's so positive and supportive and able to pinpoint concrete steps to improvement. Its been a joy to get back in shape. Thanks Jaimie!

 - Judy Chaet

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My fitness journey began in high school when I started lifting weights and ran on the cross country and track teams. And my passion for all things health and fitness grew from there. I currently love agility training with my dog, thrilling hikes with my husband, and the strength and conditioning that keeps me feeling strong, fast, and resilient.

During my time at Furman University, I majored in Health & Exercise Science, ran my first half-marathon, and competed on the powerlifting club team. I was on the pre-med track all through college, but during my senior year I realized that medical school wasn’t the right fit for me. I wanted to help people achieve a healthier life through exercise and lifestyle changes, not through surgery or medication.

After graduating, I worked as a personal trainer helping people lose weight and improve their fitness. And while I loved this job, I noticed that almost every client I worked with had some type of ache, pain, or old nagging injury.

Frustrated that I couldn’t help these clients with their injuries, I went back to school to get my Doctorate in Physical Therapy.

​I opened Cunningham Strength & Rehab in 2017 which has allowed me to blend coaching, training, and physical therapy together in a way that offers the most benefit to my clients.

My path to Physical Therapy and passion for health & fitness
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I too know the thrill of hitting a personal best in the gym –
and the butterflies you feel when you see that look of pride in your husband's eyes after a big race.

I know the satisfaction of lounging on the couch with your dog, ribbon pinned to the fridge, after a long trial weekend.


I also know what it is like to not be able to do the things you want to do and to feel the uncertainty that ensues and colors all of your choices.

If my knee bothers me at the gym, can I still hike? 
Can I still compete on the weekend even though my shoulder still hurts? Will pushing through be good for me, or more damaging?

I also get the frustration, defeat, and loneliness that weaves its way into your life when you are not able to participate in the things that bring you joy. Not only does your chest tighten and your eyes sting as you watch your friends competing at the competition you trained the last 6 months for – but had to scratch due to hamstring pull.

But the drop in your stomach as your dog stares into your soul and whimpers – knowing full well he is missing your afternoon hikes even more than you – is a whole new level of defeat that feels like a weight following you around.

You need your body to keep up with your inner drive. It isn’t just some fantastical wish, it is an essential necessity for your life and your joy. 

Because I can relate to you
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Feisty, independent, and unstoppable – it makes me chuckle to look back at my younger self and see that the characteristics that fuel my work are the same qualities that have been a part of my personality for as long as I can remember. One story in particular paints a fairly accurate picture of my personality – one that is reflected back to me daily in the clients I work with. Maybe you can relate too?

At 12 years old, I loved to ride horses. I loved the power, the speed and the freedom. I loved everything about it…

Except that... I hated not having the strength to saddle my horse by myself. I hated asking other people for help. I hated that my best friend, who was 6 inches taller than me, could saddle up and take off riding without needing anything more than permission from her parents. It was frustrating.

And so I did what any typical 12-year-old would do (hehe) –  I asked my dad how I could get stronger, and he showed me a couple of strengthening exercises. My determined 12-year-old self loved that she had a clear plan in place that would presumably overcome the inability to saddle up her horse on her own. I worked diligently at incorporating those exercises into my daily routine. I’d come home from school and do some bicep curls. I would eat supper and then do some shoulder presses. I could not wait to be able to saddle up my horse, just like my friend. A couple months later, I confidently saddled my horse, all by myself.


That same determination has carried me through numerous injuries and set-backs over the years. I love that I get to combine my passion and experience to help other athletes – like me – create training plans that will help them reach their own version of saddling goals.

Can you relate?
Jaimie is a PT magician!  After nine months of trying to recover from two bulging discs, she got me to good as new in a matter of weeks.  I went from barely able to walk correctly to doing heavy lifts again, including squats and deadlifts.  Jaimie has my highest and unconditional recommendation!!

- Philip Hickman

I feel better than I did when I was in high school.  She made weight training and sprinting fun for me.

–  Karen Holik

I can not recommend Jaimie or High Drive Fitness enough!

- Linda Shelton

Jaimie was with me every step of the way and was always accessible.

- LeAnn Miller

She's so positive and supportive and able to pinpoint concrete steps to improvement. Its been a joy to get back in shape. Thanks Jaimie!

 - Judy Chaet


If you are anything like me (extremely stubborn, errr I mean, determined) you will do anything you can to find a way to achieve your goals.

BUT most of the athletes I work with think that the only way forward is to keep pushing through, while also harboring a belief that they are racing against the time of an aging body. They have tried traditional Physical Therapy but are disappointed when they are inevitably told to rest or worse, “find a new hobby.”

What I know and believe to be true is that it is possible to feel better than you have ever felt in your life, with the right plan. 

What you need is a comprehensive program that takes your sport, lifestyle, goals, and physicality into account. 

When all of the pieces are in place, you will more than likely find that a few diligent months later, you feel faster, stronger, and more powerful than you ever have!

Does that sound like what you are looking for?
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