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All workouts are customized to you – your goals, your schedule, what equipment you have available, your current fitness level, any past/current injuries 

Custom Workouts

Workouts accessed via TrueCoach app and includes:

  • Videos and descriptions of each exercise 

  • Ability to record and track your progress 

  • Messaging with me for questions and comments

An App!

We will have monthly phone calls to discuss your progress, make any necessary changes to your workout programming, and answer any questions you may have.

Access to Me
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One-On-One Virtual Performance Programming and Coaching for Agility Athletes.

Helping you go from feeling consumed with frustration by your aging body to completely free and full of joy as you step onto the course with your favorite teammate.

Overcome injury
Improve Resilience
Feel Stronger


Are you:

𝙓 Feeling slow and winded during agility trials?

𝙓 Wondering how to get back on the field ASAP after pulling your quad?

𝙓 Feeling the progressive nag of an old meniscus injury that has you wondering how many more years you have left to compete?

You would love it if you could:

Cut turns that have your friends gaping in awe of your sudden speed

Overshoot your competition goal while still having plenty of gas in the tank at the end of the trial 

Ditch the pain from your old rotator cuff injury – the one you had previously resigned to having to live with for the rest of your life

Feel stronger, faster, and more powerful than you did in your younger years

YES??? Then, you are in the right place!

Hiking Trail

Are you a heart-centered and head-strong athlete who loves long weekends filled with long hikes and training sessions with your pup?


With High Drive Fitness, I aim to make training fun and effective, so that you can improve overall fitness AND develop agility-specific skills!

Strength Training 

Improve your speed, acceleration, and overall health, as well as decrease risk of injuries. 
Because strength power  speed!  and ain’t nobody got time for injuries 

Cardiovascular Fitness 

Improve your endurance and stamina so that you can run multiple dogs at a 3-day trial, and still show up strong for your dog on that third day 

Agility-Specific Drills

Improve your speed, acceleration/deceleration, and ability to change directions quickly

So you can keep up with your dog!

Jaimie Cunningham has changed the way I feel about fitness in so many ways.  I started working with Jaimie after straining my ACL, MCL, suffering a luxated patella and a bone contusion on my left leg.  There were so many injuries at the same time I had no idea how I would heal and how I would ever run again or even walk.  I was a complete mess.  The doctors told me all sorts of depressing options and none of them included Jaimie’s ideas to start strengthening myself right away just days after the injury.  Jaimie was with me every step of the way and gave me the confidence I needed to walk and then run again on and off the agility field.  Jaimie designed what seems now like hundreds of well thought out workouts, and she helped with stretching exercises when the pain and swelling were so bad.  Fast forward to a year after the injury, Jaimie asked me to be the first to try her new online fitness program, High Drive Fitness.  Of course I said yes!  Fast forward another year and at age 57 I feel better than I did when I was in high school.  She made weight training and sprinting fun for me.  I am so hooked now I can’t stop!  I am getting better sleep and the inches have fallen off.  I am stronger in every way and have the confidence I need to be my best on and off the agility field.  Here’s to many more years with Jaimie!  She is an amazing coach who is always there for you to help in any way.  No matter what level of training you are looking for, High Drive Fitness is for you.

  - Karen Holik 

"I am stronger in every way and have the confidence I need to be my best on and off the agility field."

I’m 53 and had already come to the conclusion that all my aches and pains were due to “old age”.   My feet bothered me most days.  My hips would wake me every night.  That’s before I started working with High Drive Fitness.  Jaimie’s expertise and knowledge surpass anyone I’ve ever worked with inside the orthopedic or physical therapy fields.  She cares deeply about my overall health but also wants to see me succeed in my agility runs.  After working with Jaimie for a few months, my feet not only quit hurting but I was thrilled to be pain free after a 3 day trial.  And my nightly hip pain is totally gone.  I also feel more and more confident in my running ability and being able to be a better teammate for my huge strided border collie, Juno. I recently strained a hamstring during a seminar and I reached out to Jaimie.  That night I had exercises to try and alleviate the pain and the next day I had a full rehab program to start. By the following night I was no longer limping.  I can not recommend Jaimie or High Drive Fitness enough!

    - Linda Shelton

"I’m 53 and had already come to the conclusion that all my aches and pains were due to 'old age'"

Snowy Woodland Trees


I am Jaimie Cunningham. I am a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, military spouse, runner, gym rat, and crazy dog mom.  I love all things health and fitness. I combine my backgrounds in fitness and physical therapy to offer agility athletes the highest level of expertise in their rehab, fitness, and training. 

I am especially passionate about helping agility athletes who are feeling discouraged and broken to develop confidence in their bodies so they can excel at the sports and activities that they love.

My fitness journey began in high school when I started lifting weights and ran on the cross country and track teams. And my passion for all things health and fitness grew from there.

If you are anything like me, you love doing All! The! Things! 

And because of that, you need your body to keep up with you.

It isn’t just some fantastical wish - it is an essential necessity for your life and your joy that your body is able to keep up with you. 

But what happens when that old pesky injury creeps back?


Or your knee starts to give you a pang every time you climb your stairs and aren't sure what's going on? (If you are here, I am guessing this is all too easy to imagine…)

You know you can go to your doctor, but they'll likely tell you to take it easy or give you pain meds.

Or worse...

they might tell you to give up agility altogether (or running or lifting or insert your other, most favorite activity) telling you that your body “might not be what it used to be.”

And since that typical, medical advice doesn't fit with the type of lifestyle you lead -

you opt not to take that route. "Ain’t nobody going to hold you back from the things you love doing."


You have things to do. Goals to pursue. Adventures to chase. 

And while part of that feels freeing, there is also a part of you that is left feeling uncertain about what you CAN do and worried that you are doing more damage to your body.


You're not ready to cancel your upcoming trial because of an irritated knee.


And you most certainly don't want to have to hand your beloved pup, your partner, over to another handler to run.

And you don’t have to!

If any of that sounds like you -- I want you to know that there is a way forward that includes keeping up with your pup and doing life the way you want to -- and I am here to show you the way.

Before I started working with Cunningham Strength training I was having trouble running with any speed. My take offs were slow and clumsy and turns ..were wide and soft. And I was losing strength, I was having trouble lifting things or having any endurance. Since I started I can run again, probably better than ever. I can get around an agility course without being winded and feel like I can watch my dog because I'm not worried about catching my breath or tripping over my own feet. And I have always disliked weight training and going to the gym. I have to say-Jaime has me hooked! And enjoying it! She's so positive and supportive and able to pinpoint concrete steps to improvement. Its been a joy to get back in shape. Thanks Jaimie!

- Judy Chaet

"Since I started I can run again, probably better than ever. I can get around an agility course without being winded and feel like I can watch my dog because I'm not worried about catching my breath or tripping over my own feet."

I began working with Jaimie after being released from physical therapy for my second hamstring pull in just a few months.  Both hamstring injuries occurred while running agility and I knew I needed help with not only rehab, but with future injury prevention.  Jaimie immediately focused on my goals and helping me reach them through an individualized workout plan.  We built strength and flexibility and I went from being very uncomfortable sitting down, especially while driving, to doing hill sprints without even noticing my hamstrings in three short months.  Jaimie was with me every step of the way and was always accessible.  She adjusted my workouts to maximize my progress and address issues that arose and she freely shared her knowledge, insights, and experience.  Today, I'm running better than ever with my wonderful teammate Dravi and am looking forward to continuing to build my strength and flexibility.

 - LeAnn Miller 

"We built strength and flexibility and I went from being very uncomfortable sitting down, especially while driving, to doing hill sprints without even noticing my hamstrings in three short months."



Scratching your run on day 3 and hobbling out of the ring with a tweaked hamstring

Relying on your massage gun between runs to keep your back from seizing

Having to sit on the sidelines, nursing your old ACL injury, as you watch your friends compete in the trial that was booked 6 months ago


Being able to get to where you need on the course with a newfound speed and precision that has your friends shocked and unable to stop offering up compliments post-run

Feeling completely light and free on the course and fully connected with your pup and immersed in the moment

Getting course times that far exceed your expectations, without feeling like you had to effort your way through the course or push through pain


It’s also about the community, the connection (between your peers and with your pup), and the full body joy that erupts as you hear the buzzer and you both take off - completely in sync.

There is no feeling quite like it – when you strike that perfect balance of challenge, connection, and flow. 

So I get how frustrating it is when you have an injury that is keeping you from training. Or when you have a nagging pain in your foot that is stealing some of your attention and energy during competition, keeping you from being fully immersed in the joy of your sport. And I get how aggravating it is when you go to a doctor or chiropractor or PT and they tell you that maybe you should find a new hobby. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

What I want you to know is that, no matter your situation or your goals, you don’t need to give up on agility. I believe that working with a practitioner who gets you and your sport, and has the knowledge and experience to create an individualized plan, will allow you to not only continue, but excel in your sport.

You don’t need to accept BS answers, like “just stop doing that.”

I love working with Jaimie! I have become stronger and a better runner since I started with her. She creates challenging workouts specific to my needs that are achievable. I broke my leg in 2019 and in 2023, when I began working with Jaimie, I had still not recovered my strength in that leg. Jaimie has helped me so much! She answers all of my questions and is very responsive to my requests. Signing up with Jaimie has been one of the best decisions I have made.

- Beth Blankenship

"I love working with Jaimie! I have become stronger and a better runner since I started with her."


Because, who doesn’t want to be faster, stronger, fitter?!


Improve your overall fitness and health. 
Reduce your risk of injury while playing agility. 
Go to a 3-day trial and not be sore and achy at the end of the weekend. 
Get to where you want/need to be on course. 

But seriously… It’s for you if you want to:  

→ You’re dealing with a new or old injury. (We will discuss this on the discovery call – it might be best for you to work with a local physical therapist prior to or while working with me, but I am happy to collaborate and tailor plans around your injury as needed.)
→ You have a big trial coming up and you want to make sure you’re ready for it: i.e. you want to make sure you are in top shape and ready to peak at the right time
→ If you need a plan customized around your schedule and available equipment. 
→ You know you “should” workout but aren’t sure what to do, want a routine, and/or need accountability

It's also for you if:


I invite you to schedule a time to chat so that we can learn more about one another and see if it is a good fit to work together! If you have questions, please feel free to reach out!

I look forward to connecting with you soon!
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