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Is your body keeping up with you?


About Me

If you’re like me, you love doing all the things and living an active life.  And you need your body to keep up with you!

My fitness journey began in high school when I started lifting weights and ran on the cross country and track teams. And my passion for all things health and fitness grew from there.

During my time at Furman University, I majored in Health & Exercise Science, ran my first half-marathon, and competed on the powerlifting club team. I was on the pre-med track all through college, but during my senior year I realized that medical school wasn’t the right fit for me. I wanted to help people achieve a healthier life through exercise and lifestyle changes, not through surgery or medication.

After graduating, I worked as a personal trainer helping people lose weight and improve their fitness. And while I loved this job, I noticed that almost every client I worked with had some type of ache, pain, or old nagging injury.

Frustrated that I couldn’t help these clients with their injuries, I went back to school to get my Doctorate in Physical Therapy.

I opened Cunningham Strength & Rehab in 2017 which has allowed me to blend coaching, training, and physical therapy together in a way that I feel really offers the most benefit to my clients.


If you’re like the fitness athletes and military professionals that I treat, you want to work with a health professional that gets you and gets your lifestyle. You know that medications or “taking it easy” won't get you back to your workouts and the activities you love.


Instead, you need someone that can keep you working out and feeling strong through the recovery process so that you can continue to crush your life and your goals with confidence. 

What does it look like to work with me?

My treatment approach includes 3 parts.

1. Let's Chat

Set up a complimentary strategy call to answer your questions and discuss your goals.

2. Evaluation

Schedule your initial evaluation which will include a thorough assessment to get to the root cause of your pain.

3. Follow Your Plan

We’ll work together to come up with your individual plan moving forward to get you achieving your goals with confidence.

Want to learn more or set up your strategy call?

Fill out the form below, and I'll reach out to you soon.

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Jaimie is a PT magician!  After nine months of trying to recover from two bulging discs, she got me to good as new in a matter of weeks.  I went from barely able to walk correctly to doing heavy lifts again, including squats and deadlifts.  Jaimie has my highest and unconditional recommendation!!

Philip H

I had issues for several months with my shoulder before I saw Jaimie, after a few sessions with her and carefully following her instructions over about 2 months I came back to my lifting and Pr’D my overhead squat by 50 lbs. (no joke). I have never seem that much of an improvement on any lift. Trust her judgment stay the course and you will be amazed. I would not recommend anyone else over Jaimie for you PT needs!!

Mat K

I cannot recommend Jaimie’s services enough. She is thorough and genuinely cares.  She is able to help with so many aspects of not only physical therapy, but correcting and improving form as well.  For me, Jaimie has been a game changer in getting back on track and overcoming my shoulder pain.

Lori A

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Located in Albuquerque, NM


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