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What is Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome? Recommended resources for CIRS and Mold Illness

Since sharing my diagnosis of Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome, I've had several people ask me for more information or to share resources with them. So I decided to put together a post of my go-to resources for CIRS and mold illness. Here you go!

1. Surviving Mold website:

This website is an excellent resource for anyone that thinks they may be impacted by mold or a water damaged building. When I first starting looking into mold as the possible cause to my symptoms, I got a ton of info from this website. It lists common symptoms, labs to run for diagnosis, how to test your house for mold, and offers a way to search for providers in your area.

2. Article by Chris Kresser:

This article is a great summary of CIRS/mold illness, and I feel like it’s a good place to start. I’ve sent this article to several family members and friends that wanted a better understanding of mold illness. It covers what is mold illness, common symptoms, how to diagnose, and some info about treatment.

3. "Toxic" by Neil Nathan:

For anyone looking to really dive in, I recommend the book “Toxic” by Neil Nathan. It’s dense and reads like a textbook, but it’s full of great info. He has focused his practice on treating chronically ill and complex patients, and in the book, he shares the treatment strategies that have been most successful for this patient population. He believes that environmental toxins (most commonly mold, but also lyme and others) may be the cause of many illnesses such as fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome.

These have become my go-to resources that I share with other people wanting to learn more about CIRS and mold illness. Please comment below with any thoughts or other recommendations!

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